Death Tag – Spitball with Tic Tacs

You’re It! Death Tag is a full contact game using a McDonald’s straw and various projectiles – the most lethal of which is the Tic Tac – 1.5 calories of pain. This is Death Tag’s story with a video of my new Death Tag students – my nephews…Pass on the fun, er, the mayhem…You’re it!… Continue reading Death Tag – Spitball with Tic Tacs

Social Networking for My Toaster

My Toaster Twitters That statement sounds odd. Well, let me explain. My friends would describe me as the kind of person that has a lot of time on their hands. They would be right. That time is never put to productive use, but over Thanksgiving I got the gumption to start a new project. Sometimes,… Continue reading Social Networking for My Toaster

I Fixed the Furnance

I have been off of the road this week and have noticed that the leaves are turning here in Western Pennsylvania. The temperature has been dropping and got pretty cold overnight, so I tried out the furnace. As I switched the thermostat from cool to heat, I heard a click, some gas released, the normal… Continue reading I Fixed the Furnance