Automatic Thermostat Control Based on Location and Weather

The Pittsburgh Perl Workshop will be held at the Carnegie Mellon University on October 9-10, 2010. The PPW is a gathering of Perl programmers from around the world (and near Pittsburgh) to learn more and discuss the future of Perl. At this year’s PPW, I will be giving a talk called, “Connecting the Internet of Things… Continue reading Automatic Thermostat Control Based on Location and Weather

Toaster + Twitter = Internet of Things

Really? You might be hearing this new buzz-phrase, “Internet of Things” quite a bit lately. You might be wondering what it’s all about. Let me try to explain. A “thing” could be a lot of things, but it’s not people (and definitely not places). That leaves everything else. Now according to the Internet, there are 6,767,805,208 people… Continue reading Toaster + Twitter = Internet of Things

Mini Vox Robot Hacking

Yes, I went to Radio Shack today. And, yes, I will still call it Radio Shack. And, yes, sometimes you need a quick electronics fix. I get most of my stuff online these days. Radio Shack had the Erector Spykee Mini Vox robot on sale for $10. The Mini Vox takes voice commands and makes the robot… Continue reading Mini Vox Robot Hacking

$10 Mont Blanc Rollerball Hack

My dad gave me a Mont Blanc pen as a gift awhile back. I love the pen – it writes amazingly smooth, it’s rather expensive, and I also don’t want to lose it. On the site, I found a pen hack tutorial. Someone figured out that the refill for the Mont Blanc rollerball pen is the same… Continue reading $10 Mont Blanc Rollerball Hack

TouchShield Slide Two-way Communications

Over last summer, I got the GamePack from Liquidware which includes a touch screen display, joystick, microcontroller, and battery pack. With this kit you can make a GameBoy from scratch. With some blood, sweat, and tears, I was able to re-create some games like Asteroids and Tetris. The touch screen is called the TouchShield Slide… Continue reading TouchShield Slide Two-way Communications